AVI is a design / build electronic systems contractor with years of experience in the design and installation of electronic solutions for boardrooms, classrooms, courtrooms, training facilities, churches and other commercial facilities. We understand that each facility is different - and each client has different needs and priorities.

Our design philosophy is to create a series of modular solutions, which can be integrated into a seamless and easy-to-use system. A modular approach allows us to customize a system for today’s needs while providing ongoing flexibility and scalability for the future.

In addition to our expertise in audio and video systems, we embrace and understand the convergence of AV and IT. The majority of our solutions are IP enabled and allow for remote access, monitoring and control. We are knowledgeable and experienced with staff members holding various IT certifications. Finally, we are certified in a number of other vendor-specific systems, including AMX ACE certification with Level III programming.

As technology evolves, we have continued to maintain state-of-the-art system designs. AV Innovations has been involved in the development and design of systems across the educational, corporate communications, and government markets. These include multichannel digital audio / video recording systems, audio / video on-demand systems (with streaming technologies), and live / on demand web casting and web collaboration tools.

Our latest communication systems involve Dynamic Digital Signage. If you look around most campuses, corporate offices (including branches), and government facilities, you will that find e-mails, paper, posters,and bulletin boards are the prevalent medium of choice. But this environment is changing. Plasma and LCD displays are replacing bulletin boards, supported by interactive kiosks and info channels that provide up-to-date, rich-media information from a single location. Digital signage provides an effective way to get your message out to all - and provides a tool to showcase and animate corporate capabilities to visitors and trade show attendees.

To learn more about our products and solutions or arrange for a demonstration be sure to contact us today.

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